Business Phone Systems
Using the latest cloud based VOIP technology
Simple, Reliable & Feature Rich
Providing simple, reliable & feature rich telecoms technology for UK business, with cost effective pricing, delivered by our UK team.
Business Phone System with over 150 features

A Simple Business Phone System

and it’s cost effective…

OBN business phone systems are hosted in the cloud and use VOIP technology. This gives your business the advanced features of large corporate, enterprise phone systems at a fraction of the cost.

With our reliable phone systems you have the ability to customise to your business requirements and flex up and down, as your business needs change. You can even manage your phone system via a web portal so you can change your settings whenever you like, simple. We include full support and on-site installation all delivered by our team of telecoms experts.

As we use VOIP, your business will benefit from lower call costs and line rental compared with traditional phone systems. We have a wide range of plans available so we can deliver a telecoms package that suits your requirements.

  • All the latest technology, kept simple
  • Fully scalable, up to 249,000 phones can be added!
  • Use VOIP desk phones, mobile apps or your pc/mac as a phone
  • Low call costs and line rental
  • UK support and on-site installation

Office worker on business phone

Reliable Business Phones

and its maintenance free…

Developed in Germany our reliable business phone system is based in the cloud. All the technology is managed in a data centre, using the latest technology.

Even if you loose your internet connection at your office, you can either use the free IOS and android apps on 3g/4g mobile connections or just unplug your phone and take it to another location where you have an internet connection, even at home or another office.

  • Uses German technology
  • No maintenance required on-site, even the phones update themselves
  • Still have access to your office phone even if you loose internet connectivity
  • Fully supported by our team of UK based telecoms experts

Yealink VOIP Business Phone

Feature Rich Business Phones

and its scalable…

We understand businesses needs can change quickly which is why with our business phone system you can add or remove phones as your needs change. We can get new phones delivered and working within a few days.

And 150+ features built in…

As a cloud based phone system, our technology provides all the latest features a business could require. This reduces the overall cost to business, and keeps things simple.

  • Scalable
  • Over 150 features built in
  • IVR’s, Call Queues, Hunt Groups, Voicemail, Group Pick Up, Business Hours and lots more
  • Advanced features are also available like Call Recording or TPS Checking

Yealink VOIP Desktop Business Phone

What is VOIP Technology?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and just as it the name implies, it is simply telephone over the internet. VOIP has been transforming business telephone systems over the last decade.

With advances in broadband, VOIP has become a viable solution to businesses of all sizes in the UK.

Why VOIP Technology?

  • Its cheaper. Our VOIP technology means that calls and line rentals are almost always cheaper than traditional phone systems.
  • More features you’ll love. Our VOIP technology has advanced features only traditionally seen on more expensive office based systems.
  • Use your business phone and number globally, anywhere with an internet connection. Our VOIP technology works using the internet, not a fixed line, so your business phone and number can work anywhere in the world.

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Common Business Phone Terminology

What is an IVR?
Interactive Voice Response
An IVR is an automated response to a phone call, usually announcing the company name and then presenting some options to connect through to the right department.
Group Pickup
Pick up another phone in the office
Another great features is the ability to pick up another phone extensions call in the office on your own phone, ensuring all customer calls get answered promptly.
Hunt Group
Grouped phones ring at the same time
A Hunt Group allows an incoming call to ring on grouped phones at the same time. It’s ideal for teams, as it will try to find someone to answer the customer call.
Business Hours
Configure your working hours
OBN’s system can be setup for when you are open and closed, and respond in different ways including forwarding calls to out of hours phone numbers if required.
Call Queue
Allows calls to be queued
Our technology has built in call queues (if required), which lets the caller know where they are in the queue. This can be customised to your requirements.
TPS Checking
Residential & Commercial TPS
TPS or telephone preference service exists for both residential and commercial phone numbers. Companies are legally obliged not to cold call numbers registered on the TPS system. The technology alerts you if a number is on the TPS database.
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