IT Networking Services
Delivering Connectivity
Delivering Connectivity
IT Networking Services

Your office network is as important as the services that run over it. OBN’s IT networking service has a dedicated team of professionals to take care of your internal network and external links into it. OBN can install new internal and external network cabling at your site along with secure WIFI.

OBN provide full network installation on site and can install external networking cable to connect locations if required.

Our team of networking professionals offer a wealth of experience, ensuring we deliver the connectivity your business needs. From network maintenance, traffic management, VPN connections and powerful WIFI we keep you connected. OBN is also offer automatic failsafe connections.

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IT Networking Services

Network Setup
Delivering connectivity
OBN can install and maintain your computer network, ensuring traffic is managed and prioritised to your business requirements.
WIFI Networks
Powerful WIFI throughout buildings
OBN can install and maintain WIFI in your office. We ensure no “dead spots” and deliver flawless WIFI.
Internal Cabling
CAT5e or CAT6 Internal Cabling
OBN’s engineers will install either CAT5e or CAT6 network cabling into your location ensuring appropriate network ports for your devices.
VPN Connections
Remote secure connections
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to “dial in” to your company network and work securely from any location with internet access.
External Cabling
CAT5e or CAT6 External Cabling
OBN use premium grade weatherproof CAT5e or CAT6 network cables to extend networks beyond one building.
Mobile Failover
Keeping you connected
OBN offer 3g/4g mobile back up connections with automatic fail over should your broadband or leased line fail.
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