Marketing Phone Number
Local & International Numbers to Expand the Reach of your Business
Expanding your reach
Marketing Phone Number
UK and International Numbers Seamlessly Integrated
Whether you trade internationally or are driving marketing campaigns the marketing inbound phone number service can really help drive your business.

International and local regional phone numbers are a great low cost solution, giving you a presence in your targeted region. OBN can arrange for these numbers to be forwarded to your existing phone system or phone number including mobiles.

As standard OBN can setup UK Freephone (e.g. 0800), UK Geographic numbers (e.g. 01273) or International Freephone (e.g. 1-800 US Freephone) or International Geographic (e.g. +852 for Hong Kong), but please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Our Marketing Phone Number Service

UK Freephone Numbers
0800 or 0808
We can provide free phone UK numbers, directed to your existing phone system or as part of a new VOIP Business Phone system.
Intl Freephone
Freephone Numbers Globally
We can setup country specific free phone numbers for example USA 1-800 numbers directed to your existing phone system.
UK Geographic Numbers
A local number in the area you need
We can provide UK geographic (i.e. 01273) numbers directed to your existing phone system or as part of a new VOIP Business Phone system.
Intl Geographic
Local numbers internationally
We offer a full ranger of international local numbers so you can expand your presence in most countries globally.
Numbers to voicemail
You can now setup any number to be diverted to a voicemail which will then after playing your message be emailed directly to you.
SMS Text Numbers
Allow customers to text you
Our SMS to email service will convert received SMS messages to an email, this service can be taken further by using a CRM like BLACK ICE CRM.
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